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Yingli PANDA was first realized through an in-house collaboration between the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) and Amtech Systems, Inc, two of the world’s leaders in solar power technology.

Yingli PANDA is ideal for commercial or residential projects where energy output is essential.

With an efficiency of up to 20.1%, our PANDA Series has one of the highest module performance ratings in the world.

The standard-sized module of the series, the PANDA 60 Cell is ideal for all types of applications where efficiency is essential, ranging from residential and commercial projects to large-scale power plants.

  • Yingli Solar Panda is a new monocrystalline silicon module technology with n-type solar cells that have average efficiencies higher than 18.9%. Combined with high transmission glass, module efficiencies are up to 16.2%.
  • Compared to traditional modules with p-type solar cells, Panda modules have lower initial degradation and higher performance under both high temperature and low irradiation conditions.
  • Tight positive power tolerance of 0W to +5W ensures you receive modules at or above nameplate power and contributes to minimizing module mismatch losses leading to improved system yield.


High Efficiency and Power Density

PANDA module efficiencies are higher than those of conventional p-type monocrystalline modules:

  • Metal impurities in n-type silicon are mostly inactive.
  • The special rear side passivation improves harvest of infrared light.

Advantage for the end user
  • More energy production per unit area
  • Lower overall system cost per unit energy production
  • Equates to higher cash flows over system lifetime


Near Zero Initial light induced degradation

Due to the lack of boron-oxygen pairs as recombination centre in the n-type cell bulk, PANDA modules have near zero initial light induced degradation.

Advantage for the end user
  • No significant power degradation during the first weeks


Superior High TEMPERATURE Performance

PANDA modules have temperature coefficients for power and voltage that are 6%-9% lower in magnitude than those for conventional p-type silicon PV modules

Advantage for the end user
  • Makes your investment work harder with higher energy production and therefore improved cash flows on warm and sunny days


Excellent Efficiency at low irradiance

Even at low solar irradiance the efficiency of PANDA modules barely decreases.

Advantage for the end user
  • Higher energy production during winter half-year
  • Higher energy production mornings and evenings

( Length/ Width/ height)
1650mm / 990mm / 40mm

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