Grid-Tie Estimator

Step 1

Determine your monthly usage from your bill. This is measured in kWh per month.

Step 2

Find Your Sun Hours.

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Step 3

Enter your information in the fields below.

Monthly electrical use

(average the kWH on your bill)

kwh per month

Monthly electrical bill

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Percentage of your usage you want to cover with solar power*


Average peak sun hours for your location

(avg 6 in Sun Belt, 4in NE / NW)*

sun hours

You will need a system producing: DC kW to cover % of your monthly power usage.

Click submit if you would like to have a Off-Grid system's engineer review your information and give you feedback.

Manual System Sizing Tool

Using the amount monthly kWhs from your utility bill, and the amount of sun hours your location receives, you can find the size of your system, in DC watts, needed to cover 100% of your usage. For a list of current kit prices please visit our grid tie kits page.