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Model: SM100
Brand: Motolite
Type: Lead Acid – Deep Cycle, Heavy-Duty
Voltage: 12 Volts
Discharge Rate: 100Amps / Hour
Dimensions: L392 x W180 x H230 (mm)

Deep-cycle batteries are flooded type batteries.  These are lead acid batteries that have caps where you can add water. They are reasonably priced and work well for many years. All flooded batteries release gas when charged and should not be used indoors. If placed in an enclosure, a vent should be present because thebattery releases occasional fumes which can accumulate inside and become harmful.

Battery Features:

  • Longer discharge period
  • Lower discharge rate
  • Made with thicker, high-density plates
  • Can withstand several hundred total discharge/recharge cycles
  • Thick lead-antimony grids provides excellent cycling capability
  • Composed of heavy-duty glass-mat separators that resists plate corrosion thereby increasing battery life
  • Stainless steel attachment bolts and washers
  • Manufactured under the strictest of quality standards


  • Off-grid energy storage systems
  • Power for devices at remote locations
  • Back-up power for grid-tie systems

Dimensions (length / width / height) 392mm / 180mm / 230mm
Weight: 20.9 kg

Quantity per box: 1

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