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Epsolar LS0512R Road Light 12V, 5A

LandStar series solar charge controller adopts the most advanced digital technique and operates automatically. The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) battery charging can greatly increase the lifetime of battery.


1. 12/24V automatic recognition, load work mode: ON/OFF
2. High efficient Series PWM charging, increase the battery lifetime and improve the solar system performance.
3. Use MOSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch
4. Widely used, automatically recognize day/night.
5. Digital LED menu, only one key solve all setting simply
6. Adopt temperature compensation, correct the charging and discharging parameters automatically and improve the battery lifetime.
7. Electronic protection: Over charging, over discharging, overload, and short circuit.
8. Reverse protection for battery.
9. It used for solar light,including light and timer sensor.


Model LS512R
Rated Charge Current 5A
Rated Load 12V, 5A
System Voltage 12/24V auto work
Over Load Protection 1.25 times of rated current for 60 seconds, or 1.5 times for 5 seconds
Short Circuit Protection 3.5 times of rated current
Low Voltage Disconnect Voltage 11.1V; x2/24V
Low Voltage Reconnect Voltage 12.6V; x2/24V
Under Voltage Warning Voltage 12.0V; x2/24V
Indication LED display, protection, battery, PV panel, load
Self- consumption Max. 6mA
Charge Circuit Voltage Drop ≤ 0.26V
Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop ≤ 0.15V
Working Temperature -35Cto +55Cindustrial
Equalize Charging Voltage 14.6V; x2/24V
Boost Charging Voltage 14.4V; x2/24V
Float Charging Voltage 13.8V; x2/24V
Boost Reconnect Charging Voltage 13.2V; x2/24V
Temperature Compensation -5mV/C/2V


Dimensions (length / width / height) 97mm x 66mm x 25mm
Weight 0.05kg

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