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5.0KW Goodwe GW5000-NS

GoodWe NS series inverter adopts cutting-edge technology in photovoltaic fields, designed under modern industrial concept. Inheriting all the excellent traits from GoodWe SS and DS series, the NS series is much smarter in size and weight.Bitmap Jiangsu

• Up to 10 safety measurements

• DC switch
• IP65 dust-proof and water-proof
• 45°C full-load output

• Lower start-up voltage at 80V
• Wide range of MPPT voltage
• Wireless monitoring and communication
• Fanless low-noise design

• 30% lighter than similar products
• 20% Volume optimization
• Perfect for 3-panel system

Dimensions (length / width / height) 344mm / 274.5mm / 123mm
Weight 8kg

1 Inverter per box

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