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Off-Grid Solar Inverter ( 0.5KW / 12V )

EA-GF series products are on the basis of green energy use and equipment electricity need for remote area, combing the electricity characteristics of household appliances, communication station equipment and computer peripheral equipment. They have the function of energy conservation and environment protection. They adopt MCU control technology, having various kinds of function such as multi-setting mode, MPPT control, voltage stabilization on line, short-circuit protection, inverter frequency adaptive, output overload, batter charging management, monitoring etc. EA-GF series products are the ideal power supply delivered with excellent performance, high stability, high reliability and practical applicability.


High reliability: adopt high-speed DSP control system, combine advanced SPWM technology and high-speed power MOS

✔ Operating mode selectable: energy storage priority or power supply priority

✔ No PID attenuation damage for solar panels to ensure their service life

✔ Flexible battery management system: auto switch three-stage charging mode shortens recharge time; wide charging current is selectable according to configured battery; flexible DOD (Depth of discharge) is settable to meet more applications

✔ AC input with effective online synchronous stabilizing technology

✔ Broad MPPT input voltage range

✔ No-load auto shutdown function (optional)

✔ Settable frequency (50Hz / 60Hz)

✔ Mobile APP monitoring

✔ Auto Power-On/Off function; real-time monitoring, test and intelligent startup / shutdown by rs232 or usb interface communicating with pc; remote monitoring by optional SNMP networks

( width / Dept/ height)
365.5mm / 442mm / 210mm

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